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I have my bad days but for the most part have been very lucky so far.


I am 54 yrs old and also have Lupus, dx about 7yrs ago.Three years ago I developed Discoid Lupus in my scalp and have cortisone shots monthly in my scalp.
In October of last year I developed Scleroderma. I have had Raynauds the entire time. I live in the north and  every year I seem to dread the cold more and more!
I have my bad days but for the most part have been very lucky so far. I left my job this last March and have felt better since. With most auto immune diseases, fatigue can be very frustrating. I was given dhea when I first developed Lupus as well as Plaqinal etc. The dhea seems to give me energy without making me nervous.
I wish all of you well and please e-mail me if I can help with any questions or if you need to vent.
Sincerely, Lynn McDermott


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