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You gave it all away All of you, every day
Your vast beauty ebbing out
Gushing through the open doors of your vault
Reaching out, touching every other
I wish you had kept yourself safe, my Brother

You had it all really Lon
The looks, the patter
And nothing else seemed to matter
Except sharing yourself, loving to completion
Feeling everything with such volition

You lived it all and built it strong
How could anyone do you wrong?
For what? Your imperfections?
The ones they found in you?
So hard to accept when others reject
The deamons they became

You taught us all how to love unconditionally
With acts of patience faithfully


You melted into the water
Fused with the earth
At last, at peace
You  found  rebirth

Eternal water, Stable ground
Comfort and safety
Is what you found

Taking all of you, Every part
And leaving an emptiness
In my heart

Separated only by fragments of time
I still hold your hand and I know you hold mine

Rest now my sweet Brother
No more to prove to any other

Know that I love you.....'all' of you

.....Your "Baby Sister"



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