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I can identify with Carleene in a lot of ways. My legs don't swell, but they ache sometimes. I have rashes almost all the time and physical and mental fatigue that is often debilitating.
I just sent my Rheumatologist a long letter yesterday (February 2005) about all the weird and disruptive things that have been happening to me as I have no support group where I live. I used some of the same words Carleene used as I talked about feeling like an alien trying to live among normal people. It is a very lonely feeling.  Carleen is right: no one can understand unless they suffer from an auto immune disease. 
If I lift anything too heavy or too high, I get severe muscle spasms throughout my neck and back and begin having migraines.
My Christmas decorations may still be up this time next year. I want, so badly, to put everything away, but I don't have the energy and I know I will pay, big-time, if I do. 
My hope and my source of strength is my faith in Jesus Christ. He DOES understand and HE DOES care! May that give us all encouragement as we face an unknown future on this earth.


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